Parenting the Way Jesus Intended

by Becky on June 13, 2012

I am far from the perfect parent. I admit that most of the things in this video that they say not to do, I do. But, this take on parenting is refreshing. I learned much of this when I read Shepherding a Child’s Heart. But, for some reason my heart has trouble grasping just how to do this with my kids. Maybe because I am the biggest sinner of all. I want to grasp parenting like this though, I want to embrace it with my heart, both hands and teach my kids the gospel in this way.

I hope that you get as much out of this video as I did. The time it takes to watch it is well worth your time!

ROUNDTABLE: Jono Linebaugh, Elyse Fitzpatrick, Paul Tripp | LIBERATE 2012 from Coral Ridge | LIBERATE on Vimeo.

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Lisa June 15, 2012 at 11:32 AM

Haven’t had time to watch the video yet, but will! Our family was so blessed by reading Shepherding a Child’s Heart! And one of the things we love about the Christian school that we’re involved with is that every family is asked to read that book.
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