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by Becky on May 5, 2012

This is my family…

This is my husband Jonathan, me, and my two little ones Caden and Baylor.  We live in the gorgeous mountains in Western North Carolina.  It is so beautiful here, you’d always think that we would be at peace.

My life is full!  Baby #3, Lord willing, will grace us with it’s presence in late May or early June.  Aside from loving Jesus, my husband and chasing two toddlers around I love all things natural health related, and am working to start a business as a childbirth doula.  I have been blogging for a little over two years and have inherited this blog from my dear friend Mandy.  You can also find me at The High Country Parent as an associate editor and sometimes over at the Untrained Housewife.

During the last year my life has gotten even fuller.  My husband travels fairly often and baby #3 has given us a few slight scares along the way.  Currently, I’m measuring small (everyone tells me I’m finally showing at 35 weeks), little button seems to be doing alright but I’ve been self conscious this entire pregnancy about the size of my baby bump.  I honestly haven’t even taken any photos that I can show you.

Earlier this week I was in the hospital getting my fourth ultra sound (I only wanted one at the most), and was given a non-stress test to make sure little button has been doing alright.  We are getting so close and we still don’t have any names.  Although the baby seemed to pass all the tests well, my care providers are still a little concerned.  They want me to take a few non-stress tests a week until I deliver to ensure the health of the baby.  Being one for as little medical intervention as possible this leaves me a little distraught.  Although I want to ensure the health of my baby too, I feel as though too much watching by the medical eyes can sometimes be over kill, like you are really expecting something bad to happen. I haven’t gained weight in 6 weeks and my belly measures small for the number of weeks that I am.

If you come visit me at Pennies and Blessings over the next couple of weeks and find a shortage of healthy, money saving deals and great articles you’ll know why.  I would appreciate your prayers for the health of this little baby and your patience during this full season in my life.  I love love love my readers and would love to hear about any ideas you might have to make this site an even better place to visit!

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Rose May 5, 2012 at 11:58 PM

We are saying prayers for you. Our daughter is due to have her second baby June 12th. I have encouraged her to follow your blog. She is also a military wife.

Becky May 6, 2012 at 4:14 PM

Thanks so much Rose! I really appreciate any prayers you can give. I’m actually not a military wife. Mandy, the founder of this blog is though. You can find more about her at

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