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by Mandy on July 9, 2010

Day Two: Wii Remote
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For Christmas this past year, we asked the grandparents and extended family members to contribute to our Wii Fund, so that we would be able to purchase the Nintendo Wii for all of us.  Instead of getting tons of clothes, toys, and many other things we didn’t truly need, Hubby and I decided that purchasing the Wii game system and a couple games for all of us was the way to go.  We have been very pleased with our choice too, except that the cost of adding to our video game collection is a bit higher than we had anticipated.

The thing we love most about the Wii is that the vast majority of the games require the kids {or us} to be up and moving around.  It is virtually impossible to play the games seated!  The thing we dislike most about the Wii is the cost of new games, even at used game stores such as Game Stop.   Recently I have become very frustrated with the amount of money we could easily throw away on video games.

However, I have found two ways to cut the cost, and I am thrilled!  First of all, did you know that if you own the original Nintendo Wii system, it will play the Nintendo Game Cube games?!  The Game Cube video games are barely even a fraction of the cost of the Wii games, and they play just as well! I am so thankful someone had enough forethought to make sure the two different gaming systems worked well together!  Thanks to a quick trip to Game Stop recently and the clearance video game section at our local PX, we have now stocked up on many new games to help occupy our energetic children during the long summer days!  Of course, Hubby Dearest and I also take full advantage of the new games as well!

Also, my most recent discovery was the “Going Out of Business” sale at Hollywood Video.  I absolutely refused to allow myself the temptation when the store originally started marking items down.  Instead I waited it out until the clearance signs said video games and movies were marked down 60-75%.  Of course, by that time, the selection was picked over, but I still managed to find some great deals!  I purchased two movies – brand new releases – and two used Nintendo Wii video games, all for about $36.  If you have priced brand new video games for the Wii, you know the average cost for one game is about $30-40.  So I was very pleased with that purchase as well!

And when we brought the kiddos home from the grandparents this past weekend, they were ecstatic to find that Mommy had been stocking up on new video games for them! :)

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